Shapeways Meetup Recap: Meeting the Shapies in Amsterdam

On Thursday 17th we had a Meetup scheduled in Amsterdam. Together with our community members Eric, Rajesh, Willem-Jan, Victor and Monique we enjoyed the nice atmosphere in Restaurant Barça, located at the well known Marie Heinekenplein. 

Eric and Rajesh had met each other already at the 3D MakersZone meetup in Haarlem which was held just a few hours before the Shapeways Meetup. Funny how small the 3D printing world can be!

Rajesh is working on a local educational project in Amsterdam called 3D Design Academy, where he teaches 3D design and 3D printing to people who currently live on social welfare payments. It’s a program that consists of four workshops, which aims on inspiring the participants to be creative and help them start their own 3D printed business to earn money and help them get out of the social welfare system.  

Victor is an architecture student from Brazil, currently traveling through Europe. He promised he would definitely start with 3D designing when he returns to Brazil so we’re curious what he’s going to deliver! 

Monique joined us a little later during the Meetup. She has her own shop on Shapeways and even designed her own 3D printer, the MOWI, which can print two colors simultaneously.  Even though we only hosted a small group, we can say we heard really interesting stories and had a great evening.

We hope to be back in Amsterdam soon for more cool stories! 

More updates about our travels next week. Stay tuned! 

Ryan & Ruud

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