Connect with Shapeways and Learn via Video Chat

Have a burning question for our Customer Service team or curious about Shapeways Crew? We’re eager to tell you about what we’re up to here in NY, so much so we want to do in real-time via video chat!

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We have three opportunities for you to connect with Shapeways Live in the next week… 

Join Eleanor and Savannah from the Shapeways Community team this afternoon at 2:00pm Eastern Time or 3:30pm Eastern time Tuesday for a live intro to Shapeways crew! We’re looking to empower Shapies around the world to share their products and 3D Printing experiences with their existing communities. If you’re interested in learning more, please join us! 
Gary, one of our most veteran (and awesome) Customer Service agents is hosting his own Q & A session, Friday at 3:00pm Eastern via Google Hangout! Ask him all the questions you’ve always wanted to know and learn how to leverage Shapeways better.
We plan on rolling out more live hangouts and look forward to meeting all of you. We think we have some good ideas, but you know what you want to know best, so please, send all ideas or topics you’d like us to consider and cover to community@shapeways.com.
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