Chris Schauble Earthquake Face Becomes A 3D Print

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Earthquake, we are having a earthquake, KTLA Anchor Chris Schauble said these words as he dove under the News Desk while a 4.4 Earthquake rumbles through Los Angeles on St.Patrick’s Day. 
The video of his epic reaction to the Earthquake became a viral hit on the internet with currently over 14 Million views on YouTube. The video inspired designer Ryan Kittleson to immediately capture KTLA anchor Chris Schauble’s priceless reaction in the form of a 3D characature sculpt. 
Shapeways 3D printed the model and sent Chris one to immortalize his reaction to the Earthquake. 

You can purchase your own Chris Schuable Wobble here

Watch the viral video again 

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  1. Rick

    Good example of out of the box thinking on this one. It sure beats selfies. Or maybe this is the beginning of “3d selfies”.

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