TopMod3D – Give it a Try, Win a $50 Print

A few weeks ago I wrote about TopMod3D, a ‘topological mesh modeling’ tool that allows you to create really far-out and intricate models. I gave it a try and quickly came up with a simple design that I had printed. It’s a crazy little thing, but if you put it on the table during a meeting, everyone will be playing with it all the time :)

To give you an idea, the model only cost $26 to print because it’s just a wireframe and doesn’t contain a lot of material.

As my skills with this tool are obviously limited, I was wondering what someone with a bit more time and expertise would come up with.

So: I challenge you to come up with a fun and intriguing design using TopMod3D. I’ll hand out a $50 coupon to the designer of the best entry to have it printed.

To participate, place the object in your Shapeways account and leave link in a comment below this post. We’ll select the winner on Wednesday the 18th of June at 9am CEST (Amsterdam time). The winner will be announced later that day.

If you don’t have an account yet, register as a beta user and enter ‘TopMod3D’ in the ‘How did you hear about us?’ field. We’ll keep a close eye on the entries and invite you as soon as we can. Be sure to read ‘How Does Shapeways Work‘ after logging in for the first time.

Have fun!



  1. HydraulicDruid

    I tried creating something for this competition (“InfiniTangle Box”, under Work in Progress at the moment), but the smoothed version (~130k faces) seems to have been too large for the servers, and the lowpoly copy that I uploaded in its place has decided to be about 8 metres across.

    I suspect I’ve made a fairly bad mistake somewhere (trying to upload this close to the deadline, for one thing :-) ). Would I get away with emailing the .obj file (the smoothed one) in, rather than uploading it normally?

    1. HydraulicDruid

      Update: Never mind, it’s showed up now! :-)

      Although I suspect it might show up twice, and I’m still a little uncertain about the fact that it’s decided to be eight metres across…

    2. Bart Veldhuizen

      Yeah, we won’t be able to print a model of 8 meters ;-) Try scaling it down and upload it again – if you can make it small enough to have it printed for $50, it’s yours!


      PS: You *could* also try making the thinnest parts a bit thicker. Our software will check if your model is printable, but with such thin parts it might still break easily..

    1. Jochem de Boer

      No problem, we’re happy to have a look at all your entries ;-)

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