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Set 3D Printing Orientation: Making your SLS Dreams Come True

We’re excited to show you one of newest features: the ability to set  the 3D printing orientation in Strong and Flexible Plastics, and to have consistent orientation between different production runs. This is something that our community has wanted for a long time, and nothing feels better than giving our expert designers the tools they want.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 4.36.13 PM

What does orientation in 3D printing mean? You can change the direction of how a 3D model will be transformed into physical material. How a part is oriented can have a small effect on the surface and dimensions of the final product due to how the model is orientated. To use the set 3D print orientation tool, go to the edit model page and click the button above the Strong and Flexible materials.

Previously, our team of engineers picked the best orientation for products. Now we give you the ability to choose it in 90 degree increments at your own discretion. In addition each time you print a specific product, we’ll keep the orientation of the part consistent with previous prints.

Check out the video below courtesy of Hunter, our Product Manager, for more on what this release is all about.


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