Shapeways talks 3D Printing in London

After an inspiring meetup in Galway it was time to head to Big Ben and meetup with the London Shapeways Community. It was overcast and slightly misting when I arrived, in typical British form. 15 Shapies (and even some of their family) met me at The Riverside, on the South Side of the River Thames. 

It was a pleasant variety of Shapies, many of them designers and engineers by day. Entrepreneurs, amateurs and some venerable members of the 3D Printing community came out and shared stories and Shapeways models. Many of the designers, like the one by Terry Wu featured above, were focused on making complete collections and iterating to perfection! Here are some highlights: 

Corretta Singer, the recent winner of our Shapeways Olympics contest, happened to be in town from Jamaica and showed up with her family. It was great to get a chance to connect given that I’m not sure a Caribbean roadshow will be next on the list (but I’d like to plant that seed right now).

She really pushes the boundaries on our metal design guidelines and the results are stunning, especially on her scorpion ring!

I’ll be buying this ring of Corretta’s today, much more delicate than I initially thought having seen it on the site, but even more steampunk!  

Matt Smith is a Designer and lover of great art and sculpture. He’s currently working on 3D Sculpting a collection of Art lost and damaged early in the 20th century. He is literally preserving lost art with new technology, doesn’t get much better than that!

Glenn Lewis is a designer in many mediums, and lately has been making beautiful jewelry using 3D Printing. It is some of the most refined work I’ve ever seen! We are lucky to call him a member of the Shapie family.

Develop 3D came by too, one of the more exciting publications in the space. Check it out if you haven’t, best part is it’s Free!

The design community in London is robust and full of talent, we look forward to more Shapeways crew lead events in the future! 5 hours later we all went home inspired and ready to keep 3D modeling! Can’t wait to see what everyone makes next.

London was lovely, but it was time to get back on the road and head to Edinburgh!

Where do you hope we’ll go next? 

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