HackBCA: High school hackathon in NJ this weekend

To everyone who got tickets for HackBCA this Saturday, March 22 at 3pm, in Hackensack, NJ, stop by and say hello to us! We will be there doing demos of the Shapeways API and ShapeJS.

With so many hackathons being geared toward college students, we’re excited to be part of one just for high school students. And we’re also looking forward to seeing the amazing products that’ll be enabled by the hacks created at HackBCA. 

As a sponsor, we’ll be awarding $200 in Shapeways credit to the team that has the best use of 3D graphics. Good luck to everyone participating!
It looks like tickets are sold out on Eventbrite for hackers and observers but some mentor tickets are still up for grabs.
We hope to see you there!
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