Shapeways 3D Printing UK and Ireland Roadshow

Savannah, Shapeways roaming gnome here, and I’m hitting the road again! This time, for #ShapewaysRoadtrip part two, I’ll be in Galway, London and Edinburgh hosting meetups along the way. In addition to mingling, I am also looking to showcase designers who use Shapeways to power their businesses and enhance their lives. Send me an email, Savannah@Shapeways.com if you’re interested in being featured (and comfortable being on camera). Now, for the details:

Event Dates:
Galway, Ireland: Monday, March 24th
London, England: Wednesday, March 26th
Edinburgh, Scotland: Monday, March 31st
Locations: TBD!
Why? I learned on the Shapeways Roadtrip across America that Shapies know their cities best. I’m looking for leaders in each region (or just lovers of great pubs) to recommend spaces we can gather, show off models and share insights. Share your suggestions in the comments or email me with your suggestions. 
What does it mean to to be featured in a Shapeways video? Two things: great advice and/or a great story. We’re amazed at what the Shapie community creates and we want to document it so we can inspire others. Some examples of videos we love: “Making of” ideation to creation journeys, “How to” tutorials that explain modeling in specific softwares, getting started with Shapeways etc., “Tips and Tricks” quick lists or brief videos showcasing what you’ve learned along the 3D printing way. We’ll be filming and documenting as much as we can along the road and look forward to meeting you all! 
Let us know where to expect you in the comments (or email me) and we will be sure to let you know the details!
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