Silver 3D printing

So you want to give a gift to someone or to yourself. You want to indulge with something creative & unique? As of today and until the 5th of July you can make Sterling Silver Ringpoems and Cufflinks.

The Silver used is Sterling silver that is 92.5% pure silver. The entire model is made up of Silver so your words will be too! You can check out how it works or make one yourself here

The Sterling Silver Ringpoems cost $129 & the Sterling Silver Cufflinks cost $99 including shipping. It will take us 15 working day to deliver them to you.  

The process is wax 3D printing plus the lost wax process(investment casing to be more precise). The wax 3D prints of your designs are used for a mould and then molten silver is poured in to make your custom made Ringpoem or Cufflink. There are some more details on how that works here also.


  1. Walter Sharrow

    PLEASE sign me up for that. I’m dieing to find some way to turn my Dirty Rat, and other models with thin parts, into metal.

    Btw, any thought about offering Pewter? Or some other, less expensive metal? Sure, it’s not as impressive as Silver, but if you want your work to last for a few hundred years, sometimes it’s smart to make it out of a materially that people won’t melt down for coins in the future. You know what mean? That’s one advantage of a cheaper, less desirable metal.

  2. Vernooij

    Why not using silverclay? It could easily be 3d printed and by heating it would become solid Silver.

    Seems to me taht it would be an easy way of makign silver 3d products like jewellery

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