Monsterlympics Winners!

The Sochi Olympics may be over, but we are celebrating some monsters over here! A big thanks to everyone who participated in our #monsterlympics contest, and thank you to Monstermatic for making such a fun app. We received lots of great entries, but it all came down to the gold, silver and bronze.



RAINBOWBALL! We loved the colors and secretly want to know how you did it! Congratulations!!


SNOWBOARD SOCHI! We had to give you props for sticking with the theme – spot on with the goatee and hat!

Last but certainly not least, BRONZE:

No name!! You won us over with the use of the camera feature, which we play with all the time too.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for entering the contest! Congratulations to the gold, silver and bronze winners! Please get in touch with us so we can award you your very own, real live 3D printed monsters! And don’t forget, post-contest, you can print out any and all of your favorite monsters straight from the Monstermatic app. Shapeways will print them, package them, and send them on home to you! We’ll anxiously await the photos!

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