FLoB-athon Far Lands or Bust Livestream Shapeways Giveaway

Join Shapie Kurt from Far Lands or Bust this Saturday March 1st as he embarks on a day long livestream exploration of the Far Lands in Minecraft culminating into him revealing his coordinates. Over the last 17 months Kurt has been playing Minecraft and raising money for Child’s Play Charity, a organization dedicated to improving the lives of sick children by donating toys, books and games to hospitals worldwide. 

At the end of the FLoB-athon Far Lands or Bust Livestream, Kurt will press ‘F3’ in Minecraft. Pressing ‘F3’ displays the player’s coordinates in the Minecraft world, and gives a glimpse of how far a player has walked towards the Far Lands. Tune into Kurts livestream Saturday anytime before 6pm CST for your chance to win a $100 gift credit from Shapeways. 
All you have to do to enter is guess Kurts coordinates on Minecraft at the end of the livestream. You can enter the contest here
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