Reddit Best Practices For Showcasing Your Work

Reddit is a powerful platform to utilize for promoting your shop or showcasing your 3D printed products. If you’re a avid Redditor or lurker then you’re in good company. Many Shapies spend time on Reddit and in some cases the products that they design are inspired by Reddit, for example Spaho Designs and Ryan Kittleson’s Sculpture. Reddit is definitely a powerful platform to utilize for promoting your shop or showcasing your 3D printed products.

Reddit can be a great source of referral traffic for your shop and can lead to increased exposure and sales. The “homepage of the internet” can be a tricky landscape to navigate, so here are some tips to get started.

Tip 1: When submitting your work to Reddit make sure to choose a subreddit that best fits your niche. For example if you love doing Minecraft sculptures submit to the r/Minecraft subreddit.

Tip 2: Follow and be respectful of the subreddits posting rules. Read carefully and be considerate before posting.

Tip 3: Posting at the right time is important. Keep in mind if your content is relevant and when people will be online in your timezone for the audiences that you’re trying to reach. Most importantly make sure your post is not spammy.

Tip 4: Engage with your post, especially in the comments section of the thread. Answer questions that commenters might have.

Tip 5: Use a clear or catchy title for your post. Make sure your post links to a trusted site or url link.

Here is more tips on how you can increase the chance of your products going viral.

Here is a specific example of shop owners who have used Reddit well for promoting their shop.

Shop owners somersault18:24 used Reddit to showcase their beautiful and attractive Neuron Pendant to a greater audience on Reddit. As a result they saw over 5k visits and a huge lift in traffic to their Shapeways shop.




Imgur is another great resource for linking images to your Reddit post and to your Shapeways products. Take a look at this album by Shapie Jeff Wong for example here. Jeff does a great job of using Imgur to tell the greater story of the process it took from him to 3D model his design, 3D print his model using Shapeways, all the way to the final product.

For more additional tips and tricks on leveraging your shop and products through social media platforms like Reddit feel free to email me at eric@shapeways.com or tweet me at @NinjaRAWLegend.

*Use a banana for scale*

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