Designer for Hire: Experienced 3D Modeler James Liang

Have a great idea for a 3D printed product but need some help getting it off the ground? Our Shapie Designers for Hire have a knack for helping people make their ideas real. So take advantage of them! 
Today’s Designer for Hire is James Liang, of Sharpen 3D Solution. His shop is a 3D printing design firm that creates everything from simple shapes to spaceships, figurines, and prototypes. James and his team of experienced designers, artists, and printing technicians are accustomed to helping people at all skill levels whether you have a half-finished 3D file or just a sketch on a napkin.
Specialties: Modeling from as few as one single image and being able to extrapolate the entire 3D object or figure
Services: Conceptualization consultation, 2D to 3D modeling, 3D model extrapolation from single image, 3D printing file preparation
3D Software Used: MAYA, ZBrush, 3D MAX, CAD, Netfabb, Freeform

Examples of Previous Projects:

House base on blueprint of customer’s current home, printed in Frosted Ultra Detail.

Skull pendant based on customer’s sketch, printed in Frosted Ultra Detail.

References from previous clients:

“Sharpen 3D is a talented 3D modeling team. They helped me on several projects. They did excellent jobs. They are fast, reliable, and professional. I really like their artists. They are patient and smart. Every time, I tell them my idea, they can figure it out and deliver exactly what I want . Thank you Sharpen 3D, I will do more projects with you guys.” -Vijay, Sep 27, 2013

“I just had a custom 3D model completed by Sharpen 3D and it was very pleasant experience to work with this design company. I received a quality model in a mere few days and the final result looks just like I had pictured in my mind, not to mention this all for a very reasonable price. I was kept updated on the progress all the way and revisions were applied quickly and accurately without any extra charges. They truly listen to what you say. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a quick, professional, and affordability…” -Moniek, Oct 11, 2013

“I really like dealing with your company, you are fast, honest and reliable.” -Engy, Aug 23, 2013

Pricing Structure: Project-based pricing

See more of their work at Sharpen 3D Solution or contact them for a project quote.

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