Submit Your Work To SIGGRAPH 2014

The 41st annual SIGGRAPH will take place August 10-14 at Vancouver Convention Centre. This is a cool event whether you’re an innovator, hacker, inventor, artist, or maker. Get all the details on the SIGGRAPH 2014 site. 
And even if you aren’t attending the event, you’re invited to submit your work. So show ‘em what you’ve got!
Submissions are still being accepted for: 

Computer Animation Festival

Submit till March 4

Submission categories: Computer Animation Shorts — Games — Animated Feature Films — Visual Effects for Live-Action Feature Films — Real-Time Graphics, Student Projects — TV/Web Commercials, Animation, Visual Effects, & Music Videos — Visualizations and Simulations
Submit till April 1
Work that shows the latest examples of real-time graphics, interactions, and simulations.

Submit till April 1

Submit a short (60-90 second) clip that shows off something you’re proud of.

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