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Kickstarter Spotlight: Bumprz, The World’s Most Minimal iPhone Case

We love to see innovative Shapies pushing the envelope and making their dreams come true. Take, for instance, Matt Veenstra of Case of Steel. What started as frustration—iPhone 5 screen keeps breaking but bulky cases are annoying—turned into some sketches. Followed by 3D designs, prototyping on Shapeways, and now a Kickstarter to break through the world of bulky phone cases with Bumprz™, the the world’s most minimal iPhone case. 

Made of strong metals and attached with amazing 3M adhesives, Bumprz protects your iPhone 5 while adding a bit of bling to it. Great for the minimalist in all of us!

It’s also worth mentioning that Matt is not a 3D modeler by trade. He taught himself how to use CAD software so he could make his idea real. With the help of his design partner, Jeff Tobler, Matt refined his design and then began prototyping on Shapeways. “Prototyping would’ve been a lot more painful if it not for Shapeways,” Matt said.

Initial prototypes printed by Shapeways

Prior to discovering Shapeways, Matt hadn’t known that metal 3D printing was possible. Still, to minimize time and cost, he initially used plastic 3D printing for each prototype and then ordered in metal afterwards. 
Once his prototype was 3D printed in metal, he continued to adjust curvature. Eventually he tried his prototype in all of the Shapeways materials available because he was impressed with the variety of materials and finishes. And after about 10 iterations to perfect the design, Matt did it. “Once I discovered Shapeways, I was addicted…these guys could make anything I need,” Matt said. 
People like Matt are an inspiration for idea-makers of all types, whether you have 3D modeling experience or simply an idea.
Be sure to support him on his Kickstarter.


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