Bring Monsters To Life With The Monstermatic App

Last Fall we wrote a blog post about a awesome Kickstarter project called Monstermatic, a cute mobile game that allows users to create and 3D print custom designed monsters. Players are given tools to invent, interact, share, and ultimately unleash their monsters into the world through 3D printing.

We’re happy to announce that Monstermatic have met their Kickstarter goals and recently launched their Monstermatic app on itunes. Monstermatic inspires kids of all ages to engage in creative play. It provides a quick, fun and easy way to design monsters and unleash them into the world through 3D printing technology. This is all done with Shapeways printing services. You can download the App here.

Congrats Clayton! So what are you waiting for? Try out the Monstermatic app and get started on unleashing your 3D printed monsters into the world!

Also on behalf of the Winter Olympics we’re having a #Monsterlympics contest. Download the Monstermatic app on itunes, tweet us @Shapeways your design on Twitter with the hashtag #Monsterlympics and you will be entered for a chance to have your monster design 3D Printed for free by Shapeways.

You can also submit your designs to us on Facebook to our Facebook fan page here

Give Monstermatic a try and enter our #monsterlympics contest. We’ll be awarding gold, silver, and bronze medals (of course), as long as you enter by the end of the Sochi closing ceremonies on February 23. READY. SET. UNLEASH YOUR BEAST!


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