Seven Days Of Games: 3D Printed Puzzles

Game week continues and the game of the day is 3D Printed Puzzles. Whether it’s mazes or Rubik cubes, puzzles are the ultimate brainteasers. Add 3D printing to the mix and you get super innovative puzzles that wouldn’t be possible with traditional manufacturing methods.

You can find a large selection of 3D printed puzzles on our puzzles page here and have a look at a few of these unique 3D printed puzzles that can be found on Shapeways.

Golden Orb by PuzzleForge

6 corners of the world by MaxiOli

Skewb des Soleils by shim

Holistic Ring metal by Oskar_van_Deventer

Ocean Waves Puzzle by hajot

There are so many crazy and fascinating puzzles on Shapeways. Which one is your favorite? Tweet us @Shapeways on Twitter and let us know!



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