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Taking Detail to the Next Level: Edward Traxler’s Scale Models

HO scale Shed

Shop owner Edward Traxler of eTraxx has created some true masterpieces in HO and O scale for model train sets. A retired engineer and veteran, Edward has been creating some truly outstanding, fully-painted layouts utilizing 3D printed components from Shapeways materials. He¬†designs his products in Sketchup to be printed in FUD or WSF. After he prints with Shapeways, he uses a gray spray-based primer (Mr Surfacer) and then hand paints using Vallejo and Reaper paints. He uses these hand-painted, 3D printed parts to add design flourishes to pre-made kits, embellishing his scenery’s realism without breaking the bank.

As Edward says, “You can take something cheap and make it look good. You just have to put some effort into it.”

HO scale Shed

HO scale hydrant shed

HO scale tools

HO scale hydrant door after being painted, with a penny for scale

Priming the door

Hydrant doors primed

Ho scale beer bottles

Beer bottles and crate

HO scale bottles

Detail of beer bottles and crates on layout

HO beer bottles

Detail of hand-painted beer bottles and crate with penny for scale

We’re blown away by Edward’s attention to detail, modeling and painting skills. You can follow him here¬†for more incredible scale models.

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