Seven Days Of Games: 3D Printed RPG and Board Game Pieces

Game week continues with 3D printed board game pieces ranging from RPG games like the The Settlers of Catan to Monopoly. Check out these game piece inspired 3D prints from the Shapeways community.

Role Playing Counter: Original Weapons Set by Berian

Stand out on the battlefield with these cool 3D printed small RPG weapon replicas.

Monopoly Tank by Woetra

A custom 3D Printed monopoly piece, why be a car when you can be a tank!

Catan Card Management System by Carpemortis

This Card Management System is for the basic plain old Settler’s of Catan, holds all the Resource decks.

Knucklehead by echodos

Totally be a Knuclehead and use this as a game piece or simply own one as a toy.

Plus/Minus Tokens by cokane

Counter Tokens suitable for Magic The Gathering (MTG) or any other card or board games.

Have you designed a custom game piece or have a favorite on Shapeways? We like to see them! Tweet us @Shapeways.





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