Seven Days Of Games: Minecraft

Game week continues and the 3D printed game of the day is Minecraft. We’re sure there are many Shapies out there who have played Minecraft or knows someone who is addicted to Minecraft. Minecraft is one of the most creative and fascinating computer games out there where there are no specific goals or objectives; Minecraft is complete creative freedom to build, create, and do whatever you want. Minecraft is essentially your sandbox where you have the freedom of creation using three-dimensional objects. 

It’s no coincidence that people would be interested in bringing their awesome Minecraft creations to life and Shapeways provides a platform for users to do so with 3D printing. The free program Mineways makes it easy to select a model from a Minecraft world map, render it, and 3D print via Shapeways. Also check out Eric’s Mineways Shapeways Shop for examples of incredible Minecraft 3D prints. You can also turn your Minecraft character into real life using the Minetoys app here

Do you have a Minecraft creation that will blow our minds? Share a snapshot with us by tweeting us @Shapeways.

How does a Minecraft player get his exercise? He runs around the block…

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