Seven Days Of Games: Kerbal Space Program in 3D

Game week continues and todays 3D Printed game features the Kerbal Space Program. KSP is a interactive computer game where players can manage and create their own space station. It’s a fun game where a crew of Kerbals need to build a spacecraft and fly into space, the moon, and other planets.

If you’re a gamer this is a game worth checking out and with 3D printing, KSP were able to turn these digital green characters into physical figures which you can own. Check out some of the KSP 3D Prints and their shop on Shapeways.

Have you played the Kerbal Space Program before or own one of these popular 3D prints? Tweet us a photo to @Shapeways and show us your Kerbal love.

Watch Scott Manleys video review of a 3D printed Kerbal from Shapeways here.

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