ShapeJS DeepDive Class to Turn Javascript into 3D Modeling Apps

JavaScript + 3D Printing, sitting in a tree. We are kicking off the romantic month of February by helping you learn more about what you love. On Saturday, February 1, our VP of Engineering, Josh Levine, and Senior Software Engineer, Beekey Cheung, will host a ShapeJS DeepDive  class with New York Software Engineers at TurnToTech (184 5th Ave, New York, NY). 
This DeepDive is designed for JavaScript programmers to develop applications that create 3D printed objects. As you might remember when we launched it, ShapeJS is a development environment that allows you to write JavaScript and instantly see geometry in a viewer to create 3D blueprints.
The class will teach you:
How to set up an AWS instance with OAuth to Shapeways API
How to build a custom iPhone case using ShapeJS
How to create a user interface for simplifying input into ShapeJS scripts
Best practices for creating manufacturable geometry

Overview of Shapeways’ marketplace and manufacturing

Examples of apps built on ShapeJS:

2D to 3D Creator – converts black-and-white images into 3D objects.

Holiday Ornament Creator – converts black-and-white images into holiday ornaments.

Memoring – 2nd place winner of HackNY, turns GPS tracked-path into wearable 3D ring.

For more info and to get your ticket, head to Eventbrite.

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