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Celebrate 30 Years Of Mac with Mac inspired 3D Prints

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the debut of the Macintosh. The Mac has revolutionized the technology world and has inspired a generation of innovation and innovators. It can be safe to say that everyone on Shapeways has either used or know someone who uses a Mac product. 3D printing in a way is experiencing its “Mac moment” as 3D printing technology is becoming more mainstream and accessible to the mass consumer. For the Shapies who have been inspired by Mac and Apple throughout the years, check out these Mac inspired 3D Prints.

Apple iMac Style – Picture Frame Part 2 by nufftlo

The throwback Apple Macintosh computer, as a 3D pixel business card holder for your desk.

Siri, Personal Assistant by EddieAdolf

An amazing take on the Iphone personal assistant, Siri.

Apple iMac Style – Picture Frame by nufftlo

This is a very cool 3D print that looks like a mini iMac. It’s a must have desk prop for any Mac fan.

Steve Wozniak bust by sevensheaven

A high-quality 3D-printed in colored sandstone bust of Apple co-founder Steve ‘Woz’ Wozniak.

Happy Computer Cufflinks by reecejames

Rock these 3D printed Mac inspired cufflinks at your next tech meetup or company party.

We hope that Shapeways serves as a platform for innovation and creation the same way Mac has for computers and software. We’re interested in hearing how has the Mac enabled or inspired you to get involved with 3D printing or modeling? Do you believe that 3D printing is experiencing its “Mac moment” by disrupting the manufacturing industry?

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