DYO not DIY: Personalized Products with 3D Printing

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DIY is so 2010, why do everything yourself when all you really need to do is Design Your Own and the 3D printers will do the rest.


DYO is the latest customizable jewelry project from the good people at Matter Labs, behind Matter.IO.

Starting with five simple yet beautiful templates by entering  you can customize the designs  by entering text, a location, or a date to create a unique piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one to be 3D printed on demand.

Buying gifts, especially for people you care about, is such a personal thing,” says co-founder and CEO Dylan Reid “but for the most part you’re stuck choosing between pretty generic, mass produced things.” You can buy handmade jewelry and crafts on sites like Etsy, “but what you really want to do is play a role in the design, even it’s small — like leaving a little bit of yourself in the object.” says Reid. 


So if you are looking to give a unique gift this Valentine’s Day (or any day) but don’t have the 3D modeling skills (yet) to make something truly awesome DYO may be the perfect way to win hearts this year.

And like all good things 3D printed DYO is powered by the Shapeways API

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