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More 3DP Resolutions: Make your first 3D model with TinkerCAD

Hard to believe we’re about halfway through January! So, how are those are #3DP2014 Resolutions coming along? If you still haven’t tried to design anything, it’s okay, we forgive you. But now’s a great time to step up your 3D print game. And with TinkerCAD, it couldn’t be easier.

Why TinkerCAD?

    •    It runs right through your browser—no need to download anything.
    •    It’s video game-esque…you embark on a series of quests to design cool stuff.
    •    You’ll learn about the software as you use it.
    •    It’s FREE! (Unless you upgrade to the paid option.)
    •    You get confetti when you complete a design.

To start designing, just select a Lesson.

Then follow the step-by-step directions to drag and drop your way to your first design.

TIP: You may find it a bit confusing when working with multiple planes (aka “workspaces”, as TinkerCAD calls them). Remember to keep adjusting the perspectives. Think of the workplace as the floor. Wherever it’s placed, that’s the “floor” of where your object will be.

…your turn! Try it out for yourself, take a screenshot of your design, and share it with us on Facebook or Twitter with #3DP2014.

If you’re still hesitant to try designing on your own, sign up for the Intro to 3D Printing Skillshare class—especially for design newbies—hosted by our very own Designer Evangelist Lauren Slowik. After Lauren’s class, you’ll definitely be ready to create your own masterpiece!

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