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Wear Your Citi Bike Key as 3D Printed Jewelry

What happens when NYC product engineers and design enthusiasts combine their passions for 3D printing and Citi Biking? You get 24 Share-it Gold, a 3D printed Citi Bike key necklace created by the inventive folks at Tomorrow Lab and printed by yours truly.

After realizing that Citi Bike key fobs could be cracked open, the Tomorrow Lab team set out to transform the key fob into something wearable that housed the RFID antenna. The team worked with Architectural Journalist Laura Raskin to further concept a design that supported the demands of the antenna position.

Once their design was complete, they had Shapeways 3D print a prototype in Gold Steel. Though it’s currently still in prototype phase, 24 Share-it Gold might eventually be available to Citi Bikers throughout New York. And we’ll be sure to let you know!

Until then, can check out Tomorrow Lab’s shop. Dedicated to creating revolutionary products for the good of the community, Tomorrow Lab is always coming up with something new. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!  

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