3D Printed Custom Camera Lens Accessories

Searching for that particular camera accessory but you can’t seem to find it anywhere? That’s probably because it doesn’t exist. Enter Shapeways and 3D printing where items as simple as a camera lens accessory can be designed and printed specifically for your camera model. There are many photographers out there looking for particular lens components for their camera but not all of them are mass produced. Here are some custom 3D printed camera lens accessories on Shapeways.

Fuji X100 Focus Ring Sleeve with Focus Tab by Schnickerbocker

This is a sleeve meant to slide over the focus ring on your Fuji X100 and X100S camera. This sleeve provides a larger surface to grip when focusing your camera.

Zeiss 50/2 Planar Compact Hood by AnalogueRobot

This is a 3D printed hood for the Zeiss ZM 50mm f2 Planar lens which adds a compact feel on your camera. 

Fuji X mount double lens cap by scottkrebs

It didn’t exist so this Shapie created it!

Follow Focus Ring Gear (Canon Kit Lens) by DrJekyll

This Shapie designed this ring gear to fit on the Canon EF-S 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 IS kit lens.

Nifty Fifty (Canon 50mm F1.8) Follow Focus Adapter by wileydavis

This 3D printed adapter ring allows you to use your Canon 50mm F1.8 lens with the HONDO Garage 50-Dollar Follow Focus in either belted or geared mode.

Lens Cap Holder (customizable) by spruce

Need a place to hold that lens cap? With this lens cap holder you just click your lens cap on your camera strap and are good to go.

In the digital age don’t get too caught up trying to capture the moment that you forget to live in the moment!

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