Bay Area Maker Faire 2009 the Sunday

The coolest thing happened this Sunday: we got a Maker Faire Editor’s Choice Blue Ribbon. We were busy talking to lots of people and all of a sudden these two attractive women show up with walkie talkies and they hand me a blue ribbon. To be honest I initially did not exactly know what it meant. We were very happy though, but only when we figured out what it was and how it works were we really overwhelmed. The Maker Faire Blue Ribbons are handed out by the editors of both Make Magazine and Craft Magazine. They hand out a lot of them in total but with all this awesomness out there it was really great to get one. If you walk through the halls and see all the assembled ideas, technology and cumulative effort it is mindblowing.

One of the coolest things I saw was iFixit. This is a service from a bunch of knowledgeable repair guys on how to fix things. Their website has guides on how to repair items and you can purchase parts from them. At Maker Faire they had a front end of a car and a washing machine and they were continually dispensing advice. A great idea. 

Gyrobike was a bike font well that contains a gyroscope. That way even though the wheel is by itself, it will stay upright. They want install them in kids bikes so that kids can learn to ride bikes without training wheels. I am not sure about the use case but thought it was a really nifty idea. 

There were other bicycle innovations such Conceptulight’s Big Kids Bike “the kitten.” This 250 pound monster of a bike looked great and actually worked too.

Another thing, you have no idea how nice everyone is at the Maker Faire. They must spray people with lithium as they enter because everyone is so friendly. Testimony to that: Posables, posable wooden statues that people were asked to play with. No rude poses what so ever, incredible. I’ll put up more stuff as soon as I get the time.


  1. David Bush

    Love the updates. Thank you!
    And… Congratulations on the Editor’s Choice Award!

  2. Mitchell Jetten

    congratulations shapeways :D

    looks like this is a event we need in the netherlands too!

    any possibilty to see the maker faire contest winners models? :D

    1. Joris Peels

      I’ll dig around for some pictures.

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