Bay Area Maker Faire 2009 the Saturday

Some more photographs of the Maker Faire for you guys. We have some pictures of the stand at the beginning of the day. 

We were so happy that Whystler came to help out as well as play his Musette for everyone.

Lots of kids played with the Stampmaker stamps.

This was a really great little invention, The Speed Vest, it displays the cyclists speed on his or her back.

There were submarines(ROVs).

As I was getting something to drink, really big Radio Flyer zoomed by.

You do not have much time for surprise though at Maker Faire, and the Radio Flyer was not even the strangest vehicle there.


  1. T. Shawn Johnson

    Who allowed that hippy musician in anyway?


    1. joris

      I was disappointed in their door policy across the board to be frank.


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