Re-think Design: BMW’s Shape-Shifting GINA

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Every now and then you see a new idea that you just KNOW is going to change things. Here’s one by BMW Design: a shape-shifting car covered with fabric. The shape of the car (the GINA – ‘Geometry and functions In ‘N’ Adaptions’) can be changed by a system of electric and hydraulic actuators, allowing the driver to, say, the size of the spoiler or the fenders.

By stepping away from the existing design restrictions, BMW could suddenly achieve amazing new possibilities like the changing shape, but also the use of transparent material for the taillights. Similarly, when using 3D printing techniques you’ll also find that you can cast off your existing design restrictions (and gain a few new ones!), and design things that you couldn’t produce otherwise. We’re entering uncharted territory and I love it.

Read the full article on Wired.



  1. Shahar Klein

    As far as I know there is a concept that is by far older:
    Combat aircraft, even in WW2, where designed with textile outer body over a wooden skeleton (some DIY kits are made this way today).
    The moveable skeleton is the most exiting.

  2. Bart Veldhuizen


    true. Even in the automobile industry you’ll find examples of the usage of cloth – cabriolet cars. You’re completely right, the clever use of the changing shapes is the interesting bit.

    I’m not too sure people will feel comforable and safe in a cloth car though, but the idea can be applied in other fields too of course..

    1. Shahar Klein

      Since it is really exiting I’m thinking of using the idea in my work…
      In car design I think BMW can be trusted to make the skeleton safe when concept becomes product.

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