Last week Fusion Imaging announced that they are creating a Shapeways sponsored FPV drone using our new 3D printed Raw Aluminum Material. They’ve built the components and done their first test flight. The results are astonishing, this drone can scream through the air at nearly 90 mph per hour!

In the video Designer Haydn Bao stresses the advantages of printing a drone directly into a metal like aluminum. The lightweight, strong and heat resistant frame allows for incredible max speeds even on the first test flight.  You can check out gif highlights and the video itself below.

Designer Haydn shows off the advantages to aluminum components:

checking out the 3D printed Aluminum drone

Project ‘Eclipse’ the3D printed Aluminum drone hovering for the first time:

3D printed Aluminum drone hovering

… the drone climbing into the air… :

3D printed Aluminum drone flying

First Person View (FPV) from 3D printed aluminum drone’s onboard camera:

FPV view from 3D printed aluminum drone

87.6 mph, wow that’s FAST :

speed of 3D printed Aluminum drone


Watch the whole video here:


Also tune in tomorrow at 6pm EST to see our live discussion with Fusion Imaging about the project and make sure to follow their page and social media for future developments.