3D Printed Gadget Accessories

Searching for the latest tech accessory for your new gadget but tired of the same old same old? We’ve found some fresh and unique 3D printed products on Shapeways that will compliment that shiny new smartphone or gadget of yours. A few years ago 3D printing affordable gadget accessories was challenging and they often fell in the shadow of their mass produced counterparts, Now they can be customized, are comparable in cost to all other accessories and come in a variety of options. Have a look at few of these 3D printed gadget accessories. 

Acoustic iPhone 5 Gramophone by abite  

The iPhone 5 Minimized Gramophone turns your phone into a multi-functional device.  

Honeycomb iPhone 5/5s case by mygadgetlife

This is a half bumper / half case with a pretty honeycomb design.

Earphone Holder by agelos

The earphone holder will hold your apple headphones from hanging when not in use.

Socially Awkward Penguin iPhone 5 Case by kspaho

We all experience socially awkward moments, own them by rocking the SAP case. 

Pebble Watch Bike Mount by Phil_Willoughby

This bike mount grips your Pebble watch securely; positioning it above the headset cap where you can easily see it. 

The great thing about 3D printing is that you’re not limited to what’s available. If you don’t like what you see on the market then you have the option to design your own product. Don’t own a 3D printer? We’ll provide the service for you. These are just a few examples of the awesome gadget accessories members of the Shapeways community took the initiative to create with many new designs uploaded everyday. Is there a tech accessory you wish existed but doesn’t? Plunge in 2014 and create it. It’s never been easier to go from conception to production with 3D Printing and Shapeways! 

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