Ana Rajcevic + Autodesk + Dazed Digital + Shapeways = 3D Print Creations

Shapeways recently worked with Autodesk and Dazed Digital to produce a series of 3D Print Creations using 123D Catch. Ana Rajcevic pushed the limits of what is possible to 3D printing (and the skills of our AMAZING post production team at Shapeways).  

Starting with a sketch then a hand made model, Ana then 3D scanned the plaster model with 123D Catch which was then taken into Maya where 800 hair thin spikes were patterned around the form then 3D printed in Nylon in our factory in NYC.

Check out the video below. 

Ana Rajcevic is an award winning fashion artist whose work spans sculpture and fashion design. Previous pieces have existed both as studio creations and as objects of contemplation within exhibition contexts, in Rajcevic’s pursuit of objects that exist as “’fashion artefacts’ in the truest sense”. This duality was brought to the fore explicitly with “Animal: The Other Side of Evolution”, a set of resin headwear that resemble hyperevolved extensions of human skeletal structures

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