3D Printed Collector Toys

At some point in our lives we’ve all had the tendency to collect things whether it was stamps, cards, or shoes. Collecting and acquiring things is both a hobby and a past-time. The items and products that we choose to collect says a lot about our personality, interest, and desires. On Shapeways there are so many niches and creative interests that really speaks volumes on how diverse our community is. With the holiday season coming up many parents are searching for that unique toy to get for their kids that you won’t find at a traditional retail store. Here are a few amazing 3D Printed collector toys that would make great gifts. 

Monstermatic monsters by clay2n

Monstermatic are a collection of interesting monsters based on a 3D Printing game. 

Modibots by KidMechano 

Modibots are a ever growing collection of fantastical creatures and characters. You won’t be satisfied with just one.

Kerbal Space Program by KerbalSpaceProgram

NASA might be underfunded but the Kerbal Space Program is rocking and rolling with an entire fleet of Kerbals. Collect all of these green creatures. 

EGO by Mr_props

These are fully articulated mini figure that can twist torso and bend knees.

Keep calm and collect on.

“We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.”-Bryan White 

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