Chess Inspired 3D Prints

Chess is one of the all time classic strategy board games. In chess two individuals battle it out with nothing but their minds and 16 piece army on a checkered board. Chess is even a recognized sport of the International Olympic Committee. In the world of 3D Printing brains most certainly reign over braun and with the creative minds that we have on the Shapeways community, the classic game of chess is still the game but it’s design innovated. Here are a few chess inspired 3D Prints. 

Typographical Chess Set by OneSaveSolutions 

This chess set inncorporate each piece’s name as the focal point of their design.

Sea Chess Pieces by WillLaPuerta 

You will certainly “sea” chess different with this underwater chess set design. 

King – Key Chain or Necklace Pendant by Collective 3D 

“Any man who must say, ‘I am the king’ is no true king.”- Tywin Lannister, That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show off your King-size attitude with this King piece pendant.

Pandov Chess Black Set by lucipopescu89

This Chess set takes inspiration from the battle aspects of chess, Lucian Popescu’s Pandov Chess pieces play up the conflict between the two warring sides.

FiligreeChess by WillLaPuerta 

These Chess pieces are made of crossed, filigreed panels. 

If you’re a avid player of chess or are looking to own a unique chess set hopefully these prints will inspire you. 

“At the end of the game, the pawn and the king go back in the same box.”- Italian proverb 

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