$10 In Shapeways Credit for Ordering in the next 48 hours

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We saw so many people take advantage of our Cyber Monday store credit offer that we had to bring it back. That’s right, all buyers who order in the next 48 Hours (by Midnight on Wednesday, Pacific Time) will receive a $10 Shapeways Credit via email.

You can still order lots of 3D Printed products in time for holiday delivery (check order-by dates for specific materials in your country here). 
The fine print: $10 Store Credit will be issued to all customers who order between 12:00am on December 10th and 11:59pm on December 11th, Pacific Standard Time. Limit 1 credit per customer. Redemption instructions will be delivered via email within 21 days.
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  1. Yonatan

    How do I get this credit (is it 10$ saving or for next buying)?


  2. Covertwalrus

    I made an order and got the email entitling me to this discount – unfortunately, with limited net access at present, hotmail helpfully swept the email and deleted it before I could record the code. Any ideas as to how i can recover it? Or get it resent from Shapeways?

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