At Shapeways we believe nothing is sexier than 3D printing, especially when we are 3D printing the snow angel outfit for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show which airs tonight, December 10 at 10pm/9 Central on CBS

Designed in collaboration with Bradley Rothenberg along with Victoria’s Secret and Swarovski’s design team to create the outfit based on a fractal snowflake which we 3D printed in our factory in NYC.

Victoria's Secret Shapeways 3D Print Angel Wings

Supermodel Lindsay Ellingson will be wearing the 3D printed outfit that was designed to exactly fit her body based on a 3D scan.  The outfit includes a corset, wings and hat, each of the components is made from hundreds of snowflakes which interlock to move like a fabric or stand rigid to creat the sculptural angel wings.  The entire outfit was 3D Printed in lightweight Nylon then encrusted with millions (yes millions) of Swarovski crystals then paired with Victoria’s Secret lingerie.  The overall effect is a glimmering, icy outfit that perfectly showcases the ability of 3D printing beautiful, complex forms.

Check out the video of Lindsay Ellingson modeling the 3D printed angel wings as a teaser for tonight’s show. 

Along with the snow angel outfit, we also 3D printed a pair of wings based on musical notes also designed by Bradley Rothenberg.

This follows from our recent collaboration with Francis Bitonti and Michael Schmidt to 3D print a full length gown for Dita Von Teese which we showcased at the Ace Hotel in NYC. These projects are undertaken to help push 3D printing into the world of fashion, where seasonal trends and the never ending search for something unique is perfectly suited to the fabrication agility of 3D printing.

For those who would like a little of the 3D printed snowflake magic for themselves, Bradley has designed the Snowflake Fractal Bracelet based on the same snowflake algorithm available exclusively through Shapeways.  Below you can see it 3D printed in the same Nylon used for the costume, or you can purchase it in Sterling Silver, Gold plated Brass or Stainless Steel.

Take a look at the video behind the scenes at the design and fabrication process at the Shapeways factory, see the wings being excavated from the Nylon powder and a little about the collaboration between Bradley Rothenberg, Victoria’s Secret, Swarovski and Shapeways.