Get your Shapeways Gifts in Time for Christmas

Feel like the Holiday season is flying by? So do we! That’s why we wanted to give you a friendly reminder about your Holiday deadlines by material. You can see a full list of Material deadlines on our Holiday planning page, but here’s a quick overview as the Brass family’s cutoff is today!

This Gift Panda by WillSculpts is excited his friends planned early this holiday season. 

Note: All deadlines listed here assume overnight delivery in North America or Europe, rest of world specifics are available on our planning page. 

December 5th: 
Premium Silver
Polished Brass
Raw Brass
Raw Bronze

December 9th:
Polished Silver
Tumbled Silver

December 10th:
Stainless Steel
Elasto Plastic
Large WSF (20com +)

December 13th:
Dyed Strong & Flexible
Detail (Frosted & Frosted Ultra)

December 16th:
White, Strong & Flexible
Polished WSF
Full Color Sandstone
Polished Alumide

Happy Shopping & Selling Shapies ;)!