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Today is 3D Day so 3D Print your Gift

December 3rd is is D3 or 3D print day and in honor of it, GE is custom printing gifts with Shapeways. We’ve put together some top three’s and we think we’ve pretty much got your 3D gifting needs covered!

Top 3 Gifts for Mom

Check out this pretty bracelet below, or how about a 3D printed hairpin or a lovely ceramic fruit bowl 

Top 3 Gifts You Can’t Believe Are 3D printed

This tiny strandbeest (or beach walker) has 79 moving parts and incredibly prints all in one go! Bet you never thought you could get a 3D printed bronze ring or a funky bracelet either!

Top 3 Gifts You’ll Want Stare At Forever

Longtime Shapeways designer Virtox has designer the ultimate keychain version of his popular Gyro the Cube with four interlocking spinning spheres. You’ll also want a giant stag head for your wall, and this incredible multicolored mosaic eggfor your desk.

Top 3 Shapies Picks

Ok we admit we are suckers for memes in our team, so the doge is our current obsession. However, this steel cuttlefish bottle opener and this delicate silver tree are also pretty neat. 

Top 3 Gifts That Fit in the Palm of Your Hand

Keanu Reeves has held his own sad self in his hand, but you can drink your coffee in caffeinated style…or put a clever cover with moving gears on your iPhone.

Check out all of these gift ideas on our Featured Page and be sure to tweet your own suggestions with the hashtag #3DPrintMyGift. And don’t forget you can still order most of these in time for the holidays

Happy 3D Day!
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