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Today we are launching the Shapeways Stampmaker beta. You can now turn any image into a stamp and then cover every single surface in your life with your own stamps. You can use the Stampmaker to make stamps of your logo’s, your signature, your face, your child’s drawing, your own drawing, a photograph, anything really.

With the Stampmaker you can take any image, make it black and white, mirror it(flip canvas horizontal in Photoshop) then upload the image to Shapeways. We will then for $25 including shipping 3D print the image in a clear and bendable 3D printing material. The resulting stamp sheet is 9 by 13 centimetres. So, fill up that entire space with lots of different stamps. We will also give you an acrylic block(10 by 7 CM) that you can use to mount your stamps on. We send the whole package to you within ten working days and you can then stamp everything in sight. 

The 3D printed stamp actually sticks to the block and you can peel them off easily and replace the stamp with another. We have used clear blocks and stamps to make for more precise stamping. Our initial research into stamping, contact with the stamping community and discussions with stamp thought leaders confirmed that clear stamps and stamping blocks work the best for them. The reason why we have a sheet of stamping material is because hardcore stampers indicated that since they collect a lot of stamps the sheets are now all the rage because they are easy to store. 

We are having a lot of fun around the office stamping balloons, desks(don’t tell anyone) and any piece of paper we can lay our hands on and hope you guys will enjoy your stamps as much as we do ours!

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