Is 3D Printing in your DNA? DNA inspired 3D Prints

What is DNA? DNA also known as DeoxyriboNucleic Acid is a molecule. It’s a bunch of atoms stuck together forming a beautiful molecular double helix structure. If you’ve ever watched Jurassic Park or studied Biology you should know that DNA is the genetic blueprint for all living things. Every person and living thing contains their own unique genetic code in their DNA makeup. At Shapeways we live and breath innovation, personalization, and 3D printing. You can say that 3D printing is in our DNA. See the molecules of life come to life with these DNA inspired 3D prints.

DNA Ring by by UniverseBecoming

Wear DNA around your fingers to remind yourself that awesomeness is in your genetic blueprint. 

DNA Helix by Plato

Or wear this single strand of DNA as a pendant around your neck.  

DNA Model by Molecule

You can actually get a personalized molecule by contacting designer Molecule

DNA Flower Pendant by Opresco

Show that you’re super into Biology by wearing one of these.

Transfer Pen by Xalo 

Beautiful 3D printed pen based off of the spiral of a DNA helix. It’s named Transfer because both DNA and ink are used to transfer information. 

Everyone has a genetic story, Shapeways provides the means where you can make it, tell it, share it, and print it! #Respect 

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