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Thank You, from All of Us Here at Shapeways

We are all so grateful for the brilliant, creative and inspiring community we get to engage and interact with every day. Regardless of what your plans are today, or who’s sitting at your 3D Printed table (this one by PrettySmallThings), we just wanted to take a moment to remind you how much we value having you as a Shapie. So, from all of us, Thanks :).

The Shapeways crew took some time this week to capture our sentiments surrounding the Holiday Season. When asked “what are you most grateful for at Shapeways?” Here’s what we had to say:  

“Getting to see the endless amount of different products our customers design. It is really limitless and shows the power of human creativity.” – Marleen, CSO
“The opportunity to see the looks of joy on people’s faces as they get to hold their ideas in their hands, and the amount of community members who approach me at meetups and say “Shapeways changed my life”. I also love the ability to inspire others to start their own small businesses – its SO easy on Shapeways. As a Shop Owner myself, I never get tired of how easy it is to make money online :-)” Natalia, Community Manager
“Being part of a team that is changing the future of commerce forever!” – Dave, COO
“Constantly seeing new communities exploring the possibilities of what can be done with 3D Printing.” – Brad Dickason, Director of Product
“Providing an ever improving tool for designers to produce concepts which could previously not be produced without assembly” -Jules, 3DPE Team Lead EHV

“The ability to help form the future of an industry/technology and company and be part of something that is bigger than any one of us alone.” -Raheel, Director of Operations

“I get to wake up in the morning and deal with folks who seem to care about others before they care about themselves. Never had that in a gig before, surprising how dramatically it improves my quality of life.” -Owen, Senior DevOPS Engineer
“Shapeways has provided a place where I am constantly inspired to create. The best part is that you get a tangible result that you can then share with others and hopefully inspire them to do the same.” Anthony, Senior Interaction Desginer

“For working with a team of such cool cats!” – Christopher, Senior Product Manager

“I’m thankful for my team. We’ve built an awesome design team during this year and as our wrists are now warmed up, I can’t wait to see the team tackle the hairiest of problems and turn them into cute little fur balls. Following this thought, I’m truly thankful for being able to work in such a challenging environment as Shapeways and 3D printing, and do work that really changes our world.” – Henrik, Director of UX
“I am thankful that I have the opportunity everyday to empower people to create extraordinary things. It is like a dream come true for me!” – Laurie, Customer Service Agent
“I’m just thankful to be a part of a team that’s actually in the midst of shaping the future of an industry. It’s really inspiring to be challenged every single day by all of the super talented people I work with, and knowing that the work I do is directly helping real people out there have a better experience when uploading, buying, and selling on Shapeways just makes me feel really good about where my life is right now.” – Trey, Interaction Designer
“I am most thankful for the opportunity to work on one of the most complex challenging problems of the 21st century.  It has been awesome to work on something so fulfilling and fun at the same time.” – Michael, Vendor Operations Manager 
“Being constantly pushed to innovate in a brand new field!” – Matt, Team Lead Software Quality
“Being able to help people bring their ideas into reality” – Matt, 3DPE
“My wonderful colleagues!” – Emily, Financial Accountant
“Our incredible team at Shapeways. Sersioulsy, who else could make this dream a reality?” – Carine, Director of Marketing
“Awesome colleagues, awesome job, awesome company. Why isn’t it called Shawesomeways?” – Ward, Vendor Operations Manager in EHV
“I’m thankful for being part of this great group who inspires me everyday.  Keep on doing that!” – Petra
“Lasers” – Duann, Designer Evangelist
“I’m thankful for getting to work at a company I’m passionate about with the best team around.” – Jennifer, Software Engineer Team Lead
“Being inspired every single day. Really. Every single day I’m here, I am exposed to ideas and creations that are ingenious, amazing, hilarious, totally crazy and beyond my imagination, and always unique. I’m so thankful to be a part of a company that’s truly driven by innovation – not just its own, but that of its entire community.” – Jeanne, Growth Marketing
“An opportunity to build something great” – Tengchao, Software Engineer/Someone Who Loves Building
“Bringing manufacturing to the world so they can create all of their ideas :), and fresh direct.” – Kat, Production Engineer

“My team. They work hard and are accomplishing to much while really embodying the Shapeways spirit.” – Thomas, Customer Service Team Lead

“That it is such a fun, cool, innovative, leading technology we work with.” Michon
“There is literally no liimit to what we can do as a team” – Ryan, Interaction Designer
“My team and the awesome community I work with everyday. I get to interact with so many amazing individuals, it is truly a privilege.” – Andrew, Customer Service
“The amazing people, and ping pong!” – Hans
“Shaping the future by being appreciative of the present.” – Eric, Social Media Associate
“Shapeways give us a great place to get some Culture. Since I started out here, everyone makes this job seem more like an adventure and I never know what new adventure is coming. Dressing up in animal outfits, video shoots with the team, breakfast,/lunch/dinner sessions and of course all the great parties we have. Come on, who doesn’t want that? My colleagues are awesome in supporting one another. If you have an idea,share it. Our company motto is: Don’t ask permission, beg for forgiveness.I am never afraid to ask questions or to be myself. Shapeways is Personal. Your colleagues really listen to you. Shapeways is the first place that allows me to be 100% myself. We have complete acceptance and are super weird!! I can honestly say that my CS colleagues are not just my colleagues but my friends as well. Working for Shapeways is an awesome Rollercoaster ride. Whilst in the ride you can better enjoy all the crazy, fun, enabling, inspiring stuff that happen here.” – Ralph, Customer Service Lead
“I consider myself to fortunate by having found an employer who dares to do things differently. At SW I am empowered to enable our customers rather than restrict. I feel that I can really contribute to making things better and have the most flexible working relationship I have ever had. My superiors and colleagues mean more to me on a personal level than with any previous employers. Despite the fact, that we always seem to be dealing with an endless string of problems and challenges, it is still one of the most inspiring and motivating environments I have ever worked in. What’s not to love about this!? 29 years till retirement age and I hope to spend them all at SW!!!” – Kevin, Customer Service
“You design what you want, need, love or miss. I love to help and make it real.” – Pieter, Vender Relations Manager
“Freedom to party hardy!!!” – Aleef, Materials Awesomeness
“First and foremost thankful for my Marketing team, giving me the chance to do what I can here and welcoming me so warmly 🙂 And also thankful for the entire company, as I get to brag about what I do and who I work for… and sound way cooler than I am.” – Aimee, Merchandiser
“Allowing me to open a shop and make some extra $$$ just by making a train once and selling it over and over.” Mitchell, Customer Service
Are you feeling the love yet? 
Personally, I am honored and incredibly grateful to help Shapies achieve their dreams and work alongside the most brilliant team in high tech. I consider many of you to be friends and I look forward to another great year together!
Happy Thanksgiving! 
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