While Andrew was visiting the Railroad Hobby Show in Massachusetts last week, I had a chance to scope out the TUS-expo (The Unmanned Systems Expo) in The Hague (NL). I’m still a newbie to the world of drones so there were a lot of new things to discover for me.


Starting with the most common drone type, the quadcopter. This specific one is a design from Dutch based company Aerial Tronics, the Altura Zenith, and has 4 arms with two propellors each for ultimate stability. The black carbon fiber design makes it really strong yet light, enabling a payload of 2.9kg so it’s perfect for holding a photo/video camera. 

However, 3D printing is definitely part of the future for drones so it was good to run into the guys from Avular who use 3D printed components for their drones. Their PrecisionScout drone (seen below) is specifically designed for safety and ATEX 2. This drone offers features such as a built-in 4K Ultra HD Camera, triple redundant autopilot and geotagged data. Avular is just like us founded in Eindhoven (NL)!  Run by Ramon Haken, Joop aan den Toorn and Tim Hall, three visionaries dedicated to delivering precise and real time data to all their clients with their amazing drones.

The PrecisionScout drone has several 3D printed parts made of our Strong & Flexible Plastic and Aluminum. Both materials provide strong and durable, yet light components for optimal flight control.

It was also cool to see the look of the drones used by the Dutch Police force. Seeing a customized, branded drone really gives me ideas to customize drones in 3D as well, imagine flying dragon drones!


The Insitu ScanEagle Air Vehicle drone used by the Dutch Defence (seen below) was also very impressive, with a width over 10 feet. Unfortunately it was difficult to catch the impressive sight in a decent photo, therefore I hope a list of the features will give an idea of this impressive piece of technology. This more traditional airplane shaped like a drone is used for missions such as gathering intel on the pirates near the coastline of Somalia.


Attending the TUS-expo really opened a new world for me of which I had no idea how broad the use of drones has already become.   Now I can’t wait to attend another drone event and start  3D printing parts and practicing flying a drone myself. Feel free to reach out in case there’s an interesting drone event happening nearby – we’d love to get involved!