Insects, Bugs, and Creepy Crawlers

Insects get a bad reputation for being disgusting, nasty, and creepy creatures. The fact of the matter is that insects represent a major part of life on Earth and we must co-exist with them and evolve with them whether we like it or not. There are actually plenty of cool 3D insect inspired prints on Shapeways that come in various shapes, sizes, and shiny materials. These awesome insect prints won’t bug you at all.

Articulated Stag Beetle by chosetec 

There are over 1000 species of beetles and the stag beetle is the most fearsome of them all. They have massive jaws that would make anyone think twice before coming close to it. Fortunately this one comes in strong and flexible plastic but still looks real. 

Scarab Pendant by dadrummond

The design on this beautiful scarab pendant resembles something an Egyptian metalsmith would have crafted, had the pharaohs dreamed of direct-metal printing.

Insect Bracelet by paralogical

This little beetle bracelet will look surreal on your forearm. The longhorn beetle curls around your wrist as a slinky cuff bracelet.

Wing Metamorphosis Ring by designerica

Let everyone know that you’re constantly evolving by wearing this insect wing designed ring.

Honey Ring by Jeff 

Honey combs are very attractive and this ring has a very nice looking hexagon design. Wear this ring and you’ll definitely catch people checking it out. 

Keep calm and bug on! #Respect  

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