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Dinovember Feature: An Interview with 3D Printing Dinosaur Design Master David Krentz

Are you a fan of Dinosaurs? Or a recent #Dinovember bandwagoner? If you just answered yes, and should you like your Dinos in cinematic form, you’ve likely seen the work of David Krentz. Given his feature in our recent Bronze launch, the timely nature of viral heartwarming dinosaur stories, and in an effort to showcase some of the Shop Owners we’re so grateful for, I give you…

Interview with David Krentz: “I still pinch myself that someone pays me to make dinosaurs.”

How long have you been into Dinosaurs and when did your love for them first start?
Since I can remember.  Lots of kids love them, but I never grew out of it.  I used to draw them all the time, make stop motion movies with them, sculpt them, paint them…I just wanted to make the toys I could not find.

What is your favorite dinosaur model you have for sale?
The 1/72 T.rex came out great.  THe Ultra detail material is awesome.  I’m really getting a kick out my new Chubbie series too.

How did you find Shapeways?
I saw Angie Rodriguez dinosaur sculpts on the site about four years ago.  I was really impressed and I hired her on Dinosaur Revolution as a modeler and texture painter because of it!  She was the first to do Shapeways dinos.  I had to give it a try and loaded my 1/144 T.rex to see how it came out.  It came out so cool I kept on making models.

What does Shapeways provide for you that you didn’t have before?
I think the fact that it fairly easy to load a model and let the shop do all the hard work I really didn’t have time for, like shipping!  I was tired of a garage full of resin dinosaurs.  I also love that people have options.  If they really want to spend $300 on a silver dinosaur than they can, or if they just want to spend $10 on WSF they can. If I had time I would load a new dinosaur everyday.  I like the immediacy of it.  It’s a Santa Claus machine!

Speaking of, what are you most thankful for this Holiday Season?
My wife Kim and I were married for close to fifteen years before we decided to have children.  Now we have three and I’m so thankful for them I wish we had had them sooner!  Now I get to make them toys.  Their stockings will have some new Dinosaur Chubbies this year!

When did you start making a living off of modeling for the movies? And the Dinosaur niche specifically?
In Animation School ( CalArts) I really started to pursue how they actually moved.  I did a short film and just loved it so much I hoped I was fortunate enough to do that for a living at some time.  After school I worked at Disney Feature Animation on Fantasia 2000, and then saw they were doing a Dinosaur movie!  I begged until the let me work on it.  I became the lead character designer, which was a life long dream come true.  After that I’ve worked on many dinosaur movies, some never come to fruition, but some do get made.  Recently I was a director on the TV series Dinosaur Revolution and the feature film Dinotasia.  On top of directing duties I also made a ton of the CG models.  My current dinosaur project is Walking WIth Dinosaurs 3D (out Dec 20, 2013) where I was a character designer again.  I was a traditional clay sculptor long before I started with 3D, but the 3D tools these days act just like clay so the jump felt natural.  I’ve worked on lots of non-dinosaur films, but without a doubt the dinosaur movies are always my favorite experiences.  I still pinch my self that someone pays me to make dinosaurs.  My film work has put me in touch with many paleontologists and has given me to opportunity to work them on their research.

What is your favorite product on Shapeways outside of your shop?
[Theo Jansen’s] Strand[beest] Walkers are really cool.  I loved the full sized one and its nice to see them scaled down and made accessible. Artists on Shapeways always push the boundaries, be it bikinis, jewelry, iPhone covers, 3D pop culture memes…the artists push it and the Shapeways team always tries to push ahead to accommodate. 

Special thanks to David for sharing his story with us. One of the best parts of working at Shapeways is learning about the unique passions and niche occupations of our diverse Shapie community!
Be sure and check out David’s Dinosaur filled Shop and all our other Dinovember featured models. They Rawwwrk!
What’s your favorite prehistoric creature?
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