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The 3D printing Faces contest

Our new contest is especially meant for the modelers and animators out there. So are you a Maya Ninja or a Zbrush samurai? Join in. Create a model with a beautiful(or not so beautiful) face. The Faces contest is your chance to show the rest of the community your animation skill. What does faces mean to you? What is beauty? What kind of a face would be a good face for a 3D printed model?

I know this is rather vague but we wanted to give you guys a lot of leeway so that you can find your own inspiration. Yes, it is vague, but intentionally so.

The Faces contest starts today and ends the 19th of June. Enter by uploading a model and adding the tag Faces to it. The winner will be chosen by Shapeways and will get $300 in 3D printing. Happy modeling! 

The image above is taken by willc2 of scan of a sculpture by Francesco Laurana.

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