The 3D printing Faces contest

Our new contest is especially meant for the modelers and animators out there. So are you a Maya Ninja or a Zbrush samurai? Join in. Create a model with a beautiful(or not so beautiful) face. The Faces contest is your chance to show the rest of the community your animation skill. What does faces mean to you? What is beauty? What kind of a face would be a good face for a 3D printed model?

I know this is rather vague but we wanted to give you guys a lot of leeway so that you can find your own inspiration. Yes, it is vague, but intentionally so.

The Faces contest starts today and ends the 19th of June. Enter by uploading a model and adding the tag Faces to it. The winner will be chosen by Shapeways and will get $300 in 3D printing. Happy modeling! 

The image above is taken by willc2 of scan of a sculpture by Francesco Laurana.

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  1. Mitchell Jetten

    oei,, dat wordt moeilijk,, nog nooit gedaan, maar 1x moet de eerste keer zijjn toch πŸ˜€

    That will be a hard contest πŸ˜€ will be my first time to design a face!
    Are we allowed to make aliens/animals faces? or is it supposed to be a human?

    1. Joris

      Any face we kept it vague so you guys could be creative.


  2. blendroid

    Just wondering: will the winner’s model be printed out for anything, or not this time?

  3. Gijs de Zwart


    we don’t have any events coming up, so this time you ‘only’ get the $300 in 3D printing.

  4. blendroid

    Haha, ok, that still rules. I’ll just have to make sure my model’s only $100 or so in case I win, so I can print it with credit to spare. πŸ˜€

  5. Mitchell Jetten

    hmm just tried making a face in 3dsmax,, well i pass this contest! to difficult:P

  6. Hua Wong

    I’d put the old “Galatean Dream” object in the contest, but I’m sure people are already sick of it ^^

    Oh what the heck… At least it will be fun to see how fine it compete against newer designs (I can’t produce a new face with my agenda and job…)

    < .< >.>

    *adding Faces tag*

  7. WiKKiD Widgets

    Yar! Avast ye scurvy bilge rats! Me pirate’s mug has been entared into the fray. Lock up yens women and yer Rum lest I be tak’n it fer me bounty!


    Can we get a confirmation that our entry into the contest was indeed entered into the contest? Like an email or something of that nature?

    1. Joris Peels

      Good idea, what I’ll do on Thursday is make a gallery of all the contest models and add the models that are in to that gallery.


    2. WiKKiD Widgets

      Are we allowed more than one entry into this contest?

  8. Blendroid

    Just curious: How will a model be chosen as the winner? Will it just be the number of ratings the model has, or a rating:view ratio, or something else?

    The email update didn’t really explain how voting works.

    1. Joris


      Shapeways staff will choose the winner.


  9. Erno Mattila

    Hi .

    What time does the contest end?
    i was hoping to complete my other model tomorrow

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