Many people turn to 3D printing when they need to create a fast-fix for a product they already own. Whether it’s designing a piece that makes their coffee maker work better or creating a replacement part that isn’t manufactured anymore, 3D printing can really come in handy.

For even the most simple things, 3D printing can come in handy and make life a little easier.

The Ultimate Hack

One group has taken this idea even further and created a “book” that can make water safe to drink for people in countries that don’t have access to clean water. Last year, WATERisLIFE introduced The Drinkable Book. Each page of the book can be torn out to act as a filter when placed in a special 3D printed container. The 3D printed container doubles as the filter holder, which makes it a cheap package that is incredibly easy to use.




“According to its developers, a simple book with twenty pages has the ability to provide enough clean water for a single person for up to a year. ‘The Drinkable Book’s filter paper will revolutionize water purification. It costs only pennies to produce, making it by far the cheapest option on the market. Each filter is capable of giving someone up to 30 days’ worth of clean water. And, each book is capable of providing someone with clean water for up to one year.”

There are no shortage of stories these days that document how 3D printing is saving lives. From prosthetics to organs, the medical field is full of examples on how the technology is changing the world. The Drinkable Book takes this further, as it is a fairly simple use of 3D printing that can change lives around the world. What does this mean for the future? We believe it means that more people will feel enabled to change the world, because they have access to 3D printing. When you think about what the technology and materials can do, the sky is really the limit!