Make Eggs fun with these 3D Prints

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Seriously who doesn’t love eggs? Lay them, eat them, or decorate them; Eggs are an essential part of our everyday lives. Chances are that you have eggs sitting around in your refrigerator. Until you’re ready to use them you might as well rest them on some of these awesome 3D printed egg sculptures and apparatuses. 

Eggbot by mygadgetlife 

A boring egg transforms into a robot with this ceramic food safe sculpture. 

Bird Nest Eggcup by Gijs

Hold your egg with this simple eggcup design made from flexible plastic material. 

Egg House by aton

You will love the design and detail of this apparatus and it makes a great case for eggs. 

Eierbecher by Froland

Eierbecher means egg cup in German. This one is wrapping the egg in a very sturdy Voroni structure.

Bird Nest Egg Holder by mkermol

This small and sturdy nest designed egg holder is a fancy way for holding the egg before consumption. 

Egg holders are pretty popular on Shapeways. If you’re a egg lover or enjoy spending time in the kitchen do yourself a favor and get one of these. Which came first the chicken or the egg? HUMPTY-DUMPTY #MindBlown 

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  1. mkroeker

    Oi! You are missing an “o” in the “Voronoi” (yes, I know, copied from the misspelt product page)

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