Contest: Expressing Gratitude for the Shapeways Community

What are you most Thankful for? A question many of us don’t think about enough…

For us, it is easy. We are thankful to all of you, our designers and Shop Owners, that continue to make us better! Without you, our inspiring community, Shapeways wouldn’t be possible.

We <3 you just as much as this great pendant by Jeremy Mallin (affordable too- only $5.00!)

We’re lucky enough to catch stories of Shapespiration that are shared on social media, and we want to see more! You are literally creating products and models that have never existed before; and it is mind blowing. It confirms our collective mission to helping you achieve your dreams :). 
Contest Time: This week we want you to share something that makes you thankful, or expresses your thankfulness. Either a new creation or an existing one. Feel free to go as deep as you want and ask yourself, “What am I most thankful for as a result of 3D printing and/or Shapeways? Is it new metals, faster shipping times, or repriced ceramics? Is it that perfect memento you designed for your sweetheart? Model it or capture a video, we’ll be rewarding both categories! 
Of course, must be your own design
Explain the meaning in your model. How it makes you thankful or expresses your thankfulness
Other than that, let your creativity flow!
Enter by posting your model in our forum, or sharing your video on our Facebook page 
Deadline: Midnight in Hawaii on Friday, because we are also thankful for the beach, or at least I am…
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