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3D printed metal Cufflinks

As of today you can order your very own 3D printed metal cufflinks. Choose a style & finishing and enter in your initials and you’re done. The cufflinks cost $49 including shipping and a nice box. If you’re looking for an original gift or want to dress up with something no one else has, here’s your chance.

One very important thing: because 3D printing metal is new process it will take us 21 working days to deliver them. So please keep this in mind when ordering something for a birthday or other occasion. For Father’s Day we’re going to be burning the midnight oil to let you order them up and until the 26th of May. If you order before then we will get them to you on time. We came up with the Customized Cufflink Creator no only to give you guys a unique gift to give, not only to introduce metal 3D printing to the world but also because we hate getting & giving socks. For this Father’s Day join us in the war against sucky boring gifts! You can see more pictures and try it out here.

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